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Version: 4.6.19


Pipelines are the fundamental organizational unit in Gentrace. You use pipelines to organize your live production data, test cases, evaluators, and test results.

When integrating with your code, you should use your pipeline's slug to pull test cases and submit test runs.


Below the Pipeline header, hover over a pipeline and select the vertical ellipsis to navigate to the settings.

Getting the pipeline slug

To pull Gentrace test cases and submit test results from your code, you will need the associated pipeline slug. This slug is available in the pipeline settings. Once copied, you can use it in our code with our SDK to pull cases and submit runs.

Copy pipeline slug

Archiving pipelines

In settings, you can press the "Archive" button to archive a pipeline. Archiving a pipeline will hide it from the left bar.

Archived pipelines can be found and unarchived in the Pipeline Archive.



You can organize your pipelines into folders. To create a folder, click the "New folder" button from the Pipelines overview page.

Then, you can move pipelines into folders by hovering over the pipeline in the left bar, pressing "move", and selecting the destination folder.

Cloning pipelines

You can clone pipelines by hovering over the pipeline in the left bar, pressing "clone", and entering a new name / destination for the pipeline.

Pipelines clones will include test cases and evaluators, but no live data or results.

Clone pipeline